Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Sure, there are homeowners who are still underwater.  And this is a problem and sad situation.

However the situation is  improving!. Deeply underwater homeowners – with a loan-to-value ratio on their properties of at least 125% — represented 23% of U.S. residential properties with a mortgage in September, according to RealtyTrac. That number is down from 11.3 million deeply underwater homeowners – about 26% of all residential properties – in May. A year ago, there were 12.5 million deeply underwater properties.  That is a tremendous improvement!  More details here.

A significant factor is the rebound of home values.  As home values are steadily increasing it is helping homeowners realize “the glass is half full” and they may have a solution!

We have a long ways to go before we see values of the early 2000’s so there are excellent values in our communities.

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