Real Estate is a RELATIONSHIP business enabled by TECHNOLOGY


I have often said that I am in the business of building the best team of people armed with our core values and relevant technology to provide unparallelled support to our customers.  Wow, that is a mouthful. But it is true.

Relationships are key if not most important in general and in the business of helping people find their home of their dreams.

And relationships get built through meeting people, building networks, creating trust, providing value to ones network and through this the network becomes evangelists of the agent and RE/MAX Evolution.

To support this, consider this research on home buyers use of social media in the home buying process:

This is published by the California Associate of Realtors (the full article here).

This is why we have a significant presence on each of the major social media platforms – to be there when you need our help!

Check out our experience on Facebook.

And take a peak of our evolutionary new site with the latest search and research tools available!

And follow our blog for latest unbiased intelligence design to make you a better buyer and seller!

Thanks…and make it a great day!


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