Reasons Why Millennials Should Consider Condo Ownership

Here are four reasons why millennials should ignore the naysayers and consider condo property ownership…

  1. Condos have an easier entry point for financing

Putting a down payment on property is a big decision, but first-time buyers can take advantage of government incentives to knock thousands off the price tag.

With down payments as low as 5 percent nationally, and a price tag that is generally easier to handle than a house, your first condo could be within your grasp with just a few years’ savings and some smart investment choices.

  1. Eco-friendly, entertaining lifestyle

Way back when the nuclear family was the archetype of perfection, large houses with white picket fences were the ideal life purchase goal. These days, circumstances are very different. Not only are many couples choosing to have fewer or no children, but they are choosing to downsize their living arrangements and land usage, too.

With eco-consciousness a huge influence on the millennial culture, the days of two-car garages are no longer the norm. Instead, city living – with its high walkability scores, convenient transit and easy access to all amenities, including arts and entertainment – offers a lifestyle that has a better carbon footprint and a more appealing standard of living.

  1. Built-in community

Condo owners gain a strong sense of community in their surroundings. Daily hallway interactions foster a sense of safety and belonging between owners and a supportive and inclusive atmosphere. Furthermore, condo amenities like pools, recreational rooms, or gardens create great meeting spots for everyone in the building or impressive places for you to host your friends when needed. You may meet your next date or BFF chatting about the building’s latest news bulletin or where you picked up that delicious smelling takeout – your condo community can add a joie de vivre to the environment when it can be otherwise hard to meet people.

  1. Less work = more fun

Everyone loves looking at beautiful gardens, pools, lobbies and rec rooms, but most don’t enjoy spending hours of their day working on them. Condos allow you to get pristine housekeeping perks without lifting a finger. Most maintenance repairs require nothing more than a phone call to the landlord, and often, amenities like water and hydro are included in your monthly fees. When you consider the amount of time you save not having to do home repairs, yard maintenance and overall upkeep in your condo, you’ll find that the benefits are quite lucrative in the long run.

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