RE/MAX Evolution Team Overview

Our Mantra: Evolutionary Vision and Evolutionary Results.evo logo with white boarder

RE/MAX Evolution’s vision is to bring its clients an unmatched experience. Being Evolutionary is a significant part of our process. Our business, our vision, our overpowering drive, our next generation real estate methods, and most importantly our results are always evolving to something better. It’s not always about overall productivity. Here at RE/MAX Evolution our priority is to be the most efficient agent you can find, provide our clients with the most exposure locally and globally to create maximum impressions per day, highest productivity per deal per agent, and most importantly highest client satisfaction. Without our clients and the impression we left with them, we are just like everyone else.

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The experience we promise is about providing a unique culture, being exclusive, and having our customers experience an unmatched level of quality, support and marketing of your property.


Our focus is on the coastal cities including Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, San Clemente and inland cities including Palm Springs and Beverly Hills.

We live where we work so we are very familiar with these communities, their way of life, amenities, etc. and can help you find the right community and right home that meets your needs and allows you to live your dreams!

Family values is another element of our core values and is above all to us. This applies to the RE/MAX Evolution Team and our customers! Our Agents are #1 and our Customers are #1.



RE/MAX Evolution Leadership Team


Residential and Commercial Sales Teams

  • Jeff Grice, Broker/Owner – Team Evolution

             Jeff Grice, Broker/Owner, Residential and Commercial Sales


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