February 14, 2016

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                     Our Mantra… “Evolutionary Vision, Evolutionary Results”

“Evolution” was chosen very carefully.

What it means to us is that we focus on reshaping “traditional” real estate practices to meet the needs of our clients and our team. Our focus on the best support systems and marketing solutions has proven to generate more repeat and referral business resulting in greater agent satisfaction.

The “Evolution” starts with Culture.

To achieve extraordinary results, our team puts their clients first. Yes, above all. We’ve proven by putting our clients first that our agents produce more deals and more profitable deals. The proof of this is from per agent growth where our agents grew their businesses on average by over 100%.

To achieve the extraordinary results we only bring on the best, brightest and those agents who “fit” within our culture and goals. There is nothing magical about who is the right “fit”. But there are a couple of must-haves; work hard, have goals, demonstrate unrivaled integrity, focus on community and family and be “nice”. Simple enough.

We’ve built a strong team that bonds & embraces our direction and delivers the results that make their business and ours the best it can possibly be.

As the Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Evolution that is what I think about everyday…making our firm the best it possibly can be so each team member can achieve new heights and mold a bright future for themselves and their family.

What makes RE/MAX Evolution unique?

Every firm in business defines what makes them unique.  This is a basic in business planning and development.  A core of the RE/MAX Evolution Business plan was to define our unique proposition, live the unique proposition and evolve the unique proposition.  This begins to set us apart. And why we selected Evolution as part of our brand.

In its simplest form our “unique” can be summed up in a single word: Modern.

Why Modern?  It is timeless.  Modern means “… of the times…”.  We select Modern as our mantra and core difference as it challenges the entire team to lead, innovate, challenge status quo, to be relentless with change…

How does this translate in action?

Culture.  There is a culture. Supportive. High integrity. High energy and fun!

Services. We just don’t sell homes.  Yes, we represent buyers and sellers of private homes.  We are diversified and specialize in various types of sales for example, land, storage and commercial.  We’ve stratified home sales to include new home construction, condo developments and land for residential and commercial developments.

Lessee Market.   A key need throughout the Gold Coast Communities is to help investors manage current properties and find new properties.  To meet that need we launched Evolution Property Management in 2014. This division caters to investors and has earned over 300 accounts and growing.  We are the #1 property management firm in the area.

Accountability.  To support our team and their customers with closing services that we can stand behind we have launched Evolution Escrow, an in-house escrow service exclusive to our team, for our team with unparalleled services.

Marketing.  Just ask us how many times have we changed-up and enhanced our approach to marketing-to-sell. We innovate continuously, test and evolve our marketing approach.  We embrace and leverage all digital channels and have amassed a tremendous global social network and following of thousands people who become advocates for our listings and services. A recent example of how we innovate and lead is becoming a Zillow Exclusive Broker which delivers volumes of buyer leads to our team…truly a unique opportunity for our team.

Your broker.  Jeff Grice’s background is investing as an accredited investor. He is not a real estate agent.  And Jeff doesn’t take deals as he believes they are for his agents. Jeff was born as a modern thinker and marketer.  He elected to take those skills and pay forward to a different business that he can lead the modernization of real estate and make a difference in our community; to our team, their families and their customers.  So as it goes, Jeff opened RE/MAX Evolution, Evolution Property Management and Evolution Escrow.

How does this all tie together?  

Successful investors don’t sit still. They are always seeking what is unique, where the market is going.  Great leaders, such as General Patton and Lee Iaccoca said it well: Lead. Follow. Or get out of the way.

Those who are not “modern” will fall by the wayside (and you don’t want to be one of them).

Come lead with RE/MAX Evolution, Evolution Property Management and Evolution Escrow as we are making a difference and shaking up the Gold Coast market.

WelcomeYouBelongHere-croppedIf you can imagine an environment that fosters entrepreneurial development where people come together, collaborate, build strong business and community relationships and grow your personal brand than you belong at RE/MAX Evolution.

RE/MAX Evolution is a forward-thinking brokerage that focuses on you and building your business.

We’ve developed a unique and innovative brokerage model to help agents thrive in the new market. Built with cutting edge technology, an unparalleled marketing engine, proven results and the largest national and international brand. RE/MAX Evolution is the new brokerage model for successful agents seeking a firm that will enable them to excel “10X”.

We think like a start-up every day.

We challenge the status quo. We continuously improve, evolve, add technology, test and explore new real estate and marketing solutions.

 We are cproductivity_wordcloudonstantly evaluating and implementing improved process and technology to streamline our operation and support for our Agents.

Google Applications

BrokerWolf – Complete office automation.

APPFOLIO for Property Management

RealScout – Most Advanced Buyer  Home Search!

OpCity Referral Partner

In-House Transaction Coordination

Retained Legal Counsel

 Modern Marketing Starts with Strategy

RE/MAX Evolution and Evolution Property Management websites

Dynamic Agent Micro Sites

Daily blogging on community, available listings, accomplishments

Active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ presence

Brand building and listing ads

Video listings on Evolution TV


Lead generation

Evolution Media Productions


Personalized one-on-one training for technology, social media, negotiation and contracts.

Featured industry guest presenters

RE/MAX Marketing, Sales & Contracts Courses


We appreciate that making a move is not easy …

Our team will help you every step of the way.

Top agents make the move to RE/MAX every day.

Top agents have made the move to RE/MAX Evolution.

Our system works.  Let me prove it to you!   Are you ready to discuss how we can help you increase your success as a real estate entrepreneur by closing more deals and earning more per deal (if so, complete the contact form below)?

To learn more about the power of RE/MAX, “open your eyes” to the possibilities by exploring each of these resources


Jeff Grice, II  Broker/Owner

949.295.0416 | jeff.grice@remaxevolution.com


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